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Supply Chain majors explore career path options


Published: Friday, April 15, 2011

Updated: Friday, April 15, 2011 21:04


Students of the supply major met with professionals last Tuesday to understand the different career paths they could take once they graduate.
The four speakers were from various different jobs that ranged from online marketing to the development for the military.
"In this career, you are not boxed into one area, there is a lot of flexibility," said Professor Gary Cohen who teaches supply chain management and international business.
To show exemplify this flexibility, the speakers not only described their different jobs but their different goals as well.
"We really focus on safety," said Lee Ann Kessler who works for Dupont. "We also focus on environment and how we can reduce our own carbon footprint."
Dupont is a provider of science based products and services that invests in various different products like genetics and mutations.
"We provide the fire retardant clothes for the firefighters," she said. "We try to be the most efficient in our research and increase growth in our business." Becoming the fastest growing business was a priority for many of the speakers.
"We are driven and fast growing," said Sean Loso from Amazon. "We grew 55 percent in the last two years. My job is to figure out what's wrong with the process and fix it."
The panelists also described the rewards of their jobs as being very enjoyable.
"I'm working for my country. The Tomahawks guns that were used against Libya were made by us," said Matt Wilson from Naval Air Systems Command. "I get letters from soldiers in Afghanistan thanking me for the work I've done for them."
While hard working and persistence were named as big necessities for the jobs, all of the panelists said that you must understand the company you work for.
"It is important for you to understand who you intern for, interview with, and eventually be employed by," said Loso. "You must understand how you fit in the grand scheme of things."

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