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Quest students step out of the classroom and compete in bowling tournaments and scavenger hunts

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Published: Monday, November 15, 2010

Updated: Monday, November 15, 2010 15:11

Recently, the multidisciplinary organization QUEST has organized and executed two major events, including Oct. 5's bowling tournament in the TerpZone and the ongoing Fall Scavenger Hunt.

QUEST combines curricular and co-curricular learning in its program. These events were part of the co-curricular segment, aimed at increasing the skill, knowledge, and perspective of students. Overseen by Ryan Ganser and Mitch Kockman, the group aims to enrich members' individual and professional development. QUEST strives to be a reality-centered community of learning, and prides itself on collaboration and teamwork, which both events apparently demonstrated.

But QUEST students appear to have fun amid all their learning and hard work. At the bowling tournament, QUEST members gathered for a night of competition, Sbarro pizza, and strikes. The participants deemed the event, sponsored by PwC and hosted by QSO, a success.

QUEST members who didn't go to the bowling tournament chose the Fall 2010 Scavenger Hunt instead. The campus-wide hunt is packed with activities until Nov. 24. The general idea of this endeavor involves groups of three or more taking pictures with bizarre objects, people and locations, all with the hope of becoming the grand winners. Winners earn a T-shirts and "limited edition QUEST swag." But all contestants will win a community event credit for participating.

What are these participants doing? Going to the top of Byrd Stadium and inside Thirsty Turtle (while it's still open), and doing impressions of Philip Merrill next to his portrait in Knight Hall are all part of the scavenger hunt. Other objectives include snapping a photo with a cow from the campus barn, spotting the elusive campus groundhog, and posing with a University of Maryland police officer, with a bonus of two points if he/she is on a Segway.

From bowling to posing, QUEST students apparently have been having an excellent time learning and growing through teamwork and innovative thinking. To become involved, visit the program's website at or e-mail them at In the meantime, pay no mind to students mimicking portraits and running after the campus' furry creatures; everything is merely part of the hunt. 

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