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ONLINE EXCLUSIVE! BMGT221 – Principles of Accounting II

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Published: Sunday, October 24, 2010

Updated: Monday, October 25, 2010 00:10


Many aspects of BMGT221 allow students to find their niche.

Gregory A. Pfeiffer teaches BMGT221, an accounting class.  According to Testudo, its prerequisite is BMGT220, which deals with financial accounting.  This second level of the two-part introductory Principles of Accounting course centers around the "basic theory and techniques of accounting for managerial decision making."

"I like that the class involves simple computations such as addition, subtraction and multiplication," said junior mechanical engineering major Cameron Bennett, who intends on applying to the Smith School at the end of the semester, and is taking BMGT221 to fulfill the requirements of the application.

But according to Bennett, because "accounting is simply numbers, [it's] often hard to keep up with [assigned] reading when just discussing how to manipulate numbers."

Along with teaching students about the flow of inventory in companies, Pfeiffer also teaches them how to break down financial documents like income statements and balance sheets, and how to analyze financial accounts.

Junior computer science major Jourdan Walls, who is considering majoring in business, enjoys the discussion section of the class more than any other segment, because of its interactivity.  She finds the weekly homework useful because it helps her better grasp the material and prepares her for tests.

"We have a worksheet that we do along with the TA," Walls said. "If we ever have any questions, [the TA] does a really great job at explaining concepts."

"[The professor] elaborates on the concepts by telling stories of his own business endeavors," Bennett said. "[And] the TAs give concrete examples…to help make the material understandable."

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